Small / Midsize Business

Small / Midsize Business

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Our Approach

When it comes to mission critical infrastructure solutions for small and midsize business, JS Fleming is here to help. We offer products that will optimize efficiency and protection regardless of your business’ size. Our systems support business continuity, allowing your team to succeed. We provide protection that will ensure your digital assets are safe.

Your Needs

Power draw and equipment densities are increasing, and so is the risk of downtime. You don’t have time to figure out how to convert kilowatts to BTUs, or how to increase UPS efficiency. Allow us to optimize your IT infrastructure and safeguard your systems so that you can focus on growing your business. We offer scalable solutions to fit your specific needs.

Their Success

Providing an IT infrastructure that is reliable, sustainable, and robust enables you to focus on the success of your business. The right infrastructure protects against interruptions, while energy efficiency helps to boost the bottom line. A smart infrastructure contributes to the overall productivity of the team.

Energy Efficiency

Cut your energy costs without sacrificing computing power or system availability.

System Scalability

Scalable UPS systems offer flexibility for room-level, rack-mount, and desktop applications.

Space Utilization

Racks, cabinets, and enclosure solutions allow you to make the most efficient use of your white space.

Improved Reliability

Eliminate system downtime and boost reliability in order to maximize productivity.

Thermal Management

Precision cooling products control heat and humidity to optimize performance.

Integrated Services

Emergency service, monitoring, and system assessments constantly support your infrastructure.