Seamlessly transfer your critical loads with a reliable static transfer solution.

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Static Transfer Switches

For greater protection, Static Power’s Static Transfer Switches provide an automatic, seamless transfer between your critical load and outputs. 

Static Power Product Group

DIN Rail Mounted

The iSTS model R avoids critical manufacturing and IT equipment power supply disruptions by transparently changing to a secondary source in case of failure of the preferred. Typical applications: PLCs, CNCs, Robotics, BMS, Workshop IT, Engineering and office work stations, warehouses.

Static Power 19inch Rack Mounth

19″ Rack

With a MTBF in excess of 800,000 hours, Static Power’s 19″ rack iSTS are dedicated to applications requiring a high level of reliability. All iSTS B models have an integrated maintenance bypass with hot socket field replaceable power module facilitating maintenance and reducing Time To Repair – MTTR – to a minimum.

Static Power Wall Mounth

Wall Mounted

The iSTS W and iSTS B4w are fused for fault current up to 5kA. iSTS C and iSTS Hw are designed fuseless for fault current up to 20kA. The iSTS B4w integrates a hot socket field replaceable power module facilitating maintenance and reducing Time To Repair – MTTR – at its minimum.

Static Power Free Standingh

Free Standing

The iSTS H, K and G are fuseless designed for fault current up to 36kA in standard. All our free standing iSTS are adaptable to particular applications or requirements.

Static Power Panel Mounth

Panel Mounted

iSTS P is designed to be integrated in 3rd party switchboard or enclosure and is adaptable to all specific dimensions and requirements. Can be supplied with or without breakers or maintenance bypass.

Transfer Solutions Mg2u 2

Integrated Transfer Solutions

Our Integrated Transfer Solutions secure, in one module, controls and transfers between all types of supplies: Genset, UPS, Solar, batteries, and more.

How Static Transfer Switches Can Help You

Protect Your Equipment

Safeguard your mission critical equipment by automatically and seamlessly switching to an alternative supply.

Ready to Meet Your Demand

iSTS offers lots of configurations and additional capacity for high demand loads such as motors and transformer.

Improve Reliability

Reduce Risk, iSTS is more reliable at seamlessly switching to back up power with a high MTBF.

Static Power Logo Cob

About Static Power

Globally recognised as the Automatic Transfer Switch expert, Static Power designed the iSTS; a unique range of smart, solid and safe Static Transfer Switches.

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