Vertiv BBE DSL Series

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Vertiv BBE DSL Series enclosures are designed to accommodate up to four DSLAMs or other environmentally hardened electronic equipment, and cable splicing. These above ground galvanized steel housings deliver maximum interior capacity and easy access to install and maintain active hardened telecom equipment. Screened louvered vents maximize heat dissipation and help minimize contaminant ingression.


  • Provides ample room for splicing and thermal management
  • 216-type tool locking latches provided per side with padlock hasps for added security
  • Screened louvered vents maximize heat dissipation and minimize contaminant ingression
  • Mounting options include stakes, stabilizer bars, wall or pad mounting
  • Optional CoolPed AC Power Box Kit available for non-line power applications


  • Free-breathing for maximum heat dissipation
  • CoolPed has removable two-sided double doors for easy interior access; wind latches for stability during maintenance
  • MCAD12 has a lift-off self-locking cover for interior access


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