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The Vertiv CXE BET Series BUP is an outdoor-rated, self-contained building entrance protector for indoor or outdoor applications. BUP building entrance protectors provide a termination, protection, and distribution point for twenty-five, fifty, or one-hundred pairs (stackable to 300 pairs) at the subscriber premises. Potential application locations include multi-tenant dwelling complexes, hospitals, factories, shopping strip malls, schools, and campus environments.


  • UL Listed for documented performance
  • Patented sealed protector module chamber for application of 5-pin protector modules in an outdoor environment
  • Made of heavy gauge mill-galvanized steel treated with unique finishing process for longer life
  • Outdoor mounting capability for greater accessibility
  • Pole- or wall-mounted for application flexibility
  • Built-in chamber for enhanced wire management and additional environmental protection
  • Designed for Telcordia GR-937 compliance


  • Compact size for minimum mounting space
  • Variety of input and output connections for applications flexibility

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