Vertiv CXE LCX, Direct Buried

Vertiv CXE LCX, Direct Buried | LeftSideView

The Vertiv CXE LCX Series offers an economical way to satisfy low pair count cross connect needs up to 300 pair using RLS50 blocks. These affordable, direct buried metal pedestals offer many of the same features as larger, more expensive cross-connect enclosures.


  • RLS50 blocks CAT5 rated with tight-twist cable for high speed transmission applications
  • Includes two 32 inch mounting stakes for easy installation.
  • Rugged metal housing made of mill-galvanized steel for durability and low cost maintenance.
  • Our unique multi-stage paint process meets or exceeds EPA standards and provides a tough, corrosion resistant finish for longer life.


  • Economical alternative for low pair count applications
  • RLS50 CAT5 rated with tight twist terminal blocks provide pair at a time, and moisture resistant connection.
  • Direct buried

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