Vertiv CXE LCX Series

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The Vertiv CXE LCX Series offers an economical way to satisfy low pair count cross connect needs up to 900 pair using RLS50 blocks. These affordable, above-ground metal pedestals offer many of the same features as larger, more expensive cross-connect enclosures and can be pad-mounted or direct buried.


  • RLS50 blocks CAT5 rated with tight-twist cable for high speed transmission applications
  • Rugged metal housing made of mill-galvanized steel for durability and low cost maintenance
  • Our unique multi-stage paint process meets or exceeds EPA standards and provides a tough, corrosion resistant finish for longer life


  • Economical alternative for low pair count applications
  • RLS50 CAT5 rated with tight twist terminal blocks provide rapid pair at a time jumpering and a moisture resistant connection
  • Direct burried or pad mount flexibility
  • Swing out cross-connect for easy access to splice

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